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Determine the type of therapy or counselling which might be best for you...


Ask yourself...

1:    Is this a relatively new problem that is contained within a specific set of circumstances?

2:    Is it most important to you to achieve immediate relief for the symptoms of discomfort that you are experiencing?

3:   Do you need to solve the problem with a minimum amount of time commitment?    



4:   Is this a recurring problem in your life? 

5:   Is it important to you that you figure out the larger underlying problem that  is  causing your symptoms?

6:    Are you willing and able to make a long-term commitment to therapy?

If you answered yes to the first three questions - then time-limited counselling, solution focused brief therapy, or a cognitive or behavioural form of treatment may be your best choice.

If you answered yes to questions 4 to 6 - then open-ended counselling or psychoanalytic therapy (psychotherapy), may be more appropriate to your needs.

Please note: This is a generalised guide, and only an assessment with a qualified counsellor / therapist or mental health professional will give you  an estimation to what may suit you.

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