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Welcome to Surviving to Thriving

"Surviving to Thriving is  trauma focused therapy for the adult survivors of childhood abuse, sexual violence and people who have experienced trauma related events which impact their day to day life (PTSD).

We offer 1-1 online counselling and psychotherapy enabling people to cope with emotional difficulties, and impaired mental health such as anxiety and depression.

Gain insight and understanding, develop awareness around triggers, and gravitate towards acceptance and self-compassion to build self-esteem and resilience.

Online counselling


1-1 Online Counselling

Offering a safe confidential environment for reflection, healing and support. 

Providing a range of therapeutic approaches, specialising in humanistic therapies.

Are you holding on to a painful memory or experience

that you need to be able to offload and explore in a safe nonjudgmental space?


Men & women 18 & over.

Move forward with your therapy


Move Forward with your Trauma Recovery

Individually tailored plans to enable you to gain insight, clarity and direction.

 Develop awareness of self and others, gravitate towards acceptance and self-compassion and build self-esteem and resilience. 

Through out your recovery and healing journey you will be supported by professionals who understand.

Allow your true self to emerg

Group therapy

Group Support

Offering a twelve week program of Trauma Focused CBT .

 Whether you are at the start of your therapeutic journey as a survivor or progressing , we would love to meet you. Set your own pace, and get the support you need within our small informal group. 

Sharing within a group can help with feelings of isolation and empowerment.

Access to group therapy is via a 1-2-1-consultation

Enjoy the benefits of  Mindfulness based, CBT, & Creative  Therapies, offering the opportunity for exploration and relaxation. 

Visualisation therapy

Visualisation Therapy

Mindfulness Based CBT

Our Surviving to Thriving charity based service is dedicated towards relieving emotional distress, building self esteem and aiding  recovery through trauma.

Joanne Henshall MBACP Accredited

Joanne Henshall

MBACP  Accredited

An online counselling service provided via zoom, offering ease and convenience from your online booking conformations with zoom link to secure online payments.

Online counselling

Convenient online service 

If you would like to be part of our Surviving to Thriving community or are interested and would like information about our charity service, we would love to hear from you..


Self care

From Surviving to Thriving...

You can find us verified and listed on Psychology Today

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Creative therapy

Creative Therapy

ETC guided ( Expressive Therapies Continuum ) Creative Therapy.

Access subject to availability and  following an informal 1-2-1 consultation.

We Look froward to welcoming you...

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