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Introductory Consultation

The first introductory session is a chance for you to assess if I am the right therapist for you, before we make an agreement to work together. 

I offer an introductory consultation of 1 hour where we can talk about how you feel i can help,  and what might be the best route forward for you.

First Steps

Providing online clinical supervision to support and enable practitioners  in delivering Humanistic Integrative Counselling / Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is effective in helping people solve problems and experience positive outcomes using evidence based tools and techniques.   CBT is aimed at challenging and changing patterns of thinking and behaviour that keep us stuck  and prevent us from overcoming the obstacles we face.


Combat Anxiety

 Manage your anxiety/ depression, reduce symptoms,  stay on target with goals & maintenance plans & learn to cope when life is unpredictable.

Individual plans tailored to your needs, helping you get to the root of your anxiety.

Working within NICE guidelines using Third Wave CBT

Anxiety UK approved therapist.

Trauma Therapy

If you are suffering from the impact of an adverse  childhood or life experience. (ACE). I offer a safe space for reflection, healing and support.

 I have had extensive training within the spectrum of Trauma and have successfully helped survivors of abuse, and PTSD make beneficial changes to their lives.

Online Counselling 

An online service with flexible scheduling options.

Sessions delivered via Zoom or other secure media platform.

Providing you with ease at every level, from your initial enquiry, booking confirmations with reminders, video links to effortlessly join your scheduled session and convenient, secure payment options.

Please enquire about accessing our mental health and well-being clinic.

Drink Smart

A six week alcohol reduction plan designed to bring awareness around alcohol safety and promote general wellbeing. 

Explore your triggers, identify underlying issues and difficulties, discover and work with coping strategies and  maintain your success.  

Whether you are working towards abstinence or wish to learn to enjoy alcohol safely. 

Carers Support

Are you affected by someone else's drinking or drug use or are supporting a friend, relative or partner who has a drug or alcohol problem ? 

I offer advice, compassion and support, helping you to survive  living with someone else's substance misuse.

 Cope with conflict, set and maintain boundaries and learn to support them and yourself through their treatment.

  Support and wellbeing orientated group helping survivors of abuse and PTS move forward from distressing and debilitating psychological and physiological symptoms. 

 Holistic approach offering Mindfulness based CBT, Creative Therapies and Psychodynamic concepts.

Currently suspended due to COVID 19 restrictions.


 Service Packages & Fees

Clinical Supervision




per hour

Consultancy / Training

Integrative Therapies

BACP Accreditation Guidance

Eclectic approach

Online Introductory Consultation



1 Hour


Min age 18

BACP  / OU Online Proficiency cert

Terms & Conditions available

Zoom / Online Counselling 



per  50 min session

Convenient appointments

Online secure payments

Trauma & General Counselling 

Individually Tailored Plans

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