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Welcome to our website...Please browse our pages to learn about what we offer and how we can best help you work towards improved mental health. 

What We Offer...

Counselling and psychotherapy are both “talking therapies” which attempt to help us make sense of our lives and survive the crisis, difficulty or turning point.

Our aim is to clarify those aspects of the client’s life that cause distress, confusion or anger, that can lead to an individual to feel stuck, blocked, unfulfilled and desperate.

It is through exploration and clarification that we are able to explore our options and choices, and understand and come to terms with our issues.

Create your better life...

Online counselling service introductory consultation

Therapeutic Space

 Attend your therapy in person or online via Zoom.

Offering a safe, confidential environment for reflection, healing and support.

  Providing a range of therapeutic approaches, specialising in Trauma Informed Therapy, Third Wave CBT and Humanistic Therapies.  

Are you struggling to cope or holding on to a painful memory or experience? 

Talking to a stranger about deeply sensitive, personal experiences and feelings may seem daunting, particularly when you are feeling vulnerable. 

Please talk to me about any concerns you may have about starting therapy.

Strenghthen and heal your relationship

Aspects of  Therapy

The core of our work together will centre on strengthening and healing your relationship with yourself. This means looking at all the levels of self rejection and self criticism that may be operating and moving into new ways of being in the world with greater levels of self acceptance and self compassion.

 Aspects of therapy are also practical and may involve developing new ways of relating to others, improving  relationships, healing family bonds, solving problems, looking at your work life, and developing new skills which will enable you to create a healthier and more fulfilling life.

 Traum informed therapy

Everybody experiences things differently, and together we can come up with a treatment plan that will fit just for you and help you to progress and change the things you wish to.

Perhaps your problems are affecting your relationships or work life or you are struggling to cope with depression or an anxiety problem. 

We offer understanding alongside evidence based tools and techniques you can use to help you overcome your difficulties. Gain insight, clarity and direction, whether you are working through trauma recovery toward healing or have difficult decisions to navigate.

Mental Health & Well-Being Support  


If you are struggling to cope, suffering with trauma related stress or symptoms of depression / anxiety, and feel you need help, advice or would just like to talk, access our mental health & well-being clinic.


  • Comprehensive Introductory Consultation
  • Individually tailored care-plan to suit your needs. 
  • An online service with flexible scheduling options.
  • Sessions delivered via Zoom or other secure media platform.
  • Option to attend your therapy in person at our consulting rooms. 
  • Providing you with ease at every level, from your initial enquiry, booking confirmations with reminders,  video links to effortlessly  join your scheduled session and convenient, secure payment options.
  • CBT Counselling Online UK

Please enquire about accessing our mental health and well-being clinic.


Access subject to an informal assessment.

Terms & Conditions apply -Talbot counselling & Psychotherapy 

Availability for new clients  from September 2023

What our clients are saying...


" I always leave feeling positive with ways to cope and manage my situation".

                                                            Female client age 35 Source: Review feedback.

If you have any question or would like to arrange a consultation please contact us.


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